Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I decided : - Walking with God in Broken Places.

I decided:
The race is not endless.
The time to run is not without limits.
A finish line has been drawn in my life.

No time left:
To waste
To change lanes
To run sideways or backward
To run slowly and wave at the crowd
To run circles around the slower ones,
To run in the crowd of the mediocre.

The part of the race behind me cannot be re-run.
I can only run what is left of the race which is before me.
It is time to run like Hell is hot on my heels
And Heaven’s open door is before me.
To run with purpose and power.

To run in a way that uses my gifts from God,
My resources,
My experience,
My skills to the maximum!

To run without yielding to distractions.
To run and not be deterred by any relationship,
But, to be spurred on by my relationship with Jesus.

To run so that when the race is over,
My past will benefit the future of others.
To run in such a way the spectators will not say,
“What a runner!”
But, they will say,
“What a Race!”

- John La Noue & Kaywin La Noue: Walking with God in Broken Places.